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John Whitridge

Level 2 QHHT Practitioner

in Vancouver, BC, Canada



Two qualities that people immediately recognize about John are his calm and grounding presence, and his voice. "You have the perfect voice for hypnosis!" is something he hears a lot!










John’s practitioner pathway started over a decade ago as a personal journey, wanting to learn everything he could to understand the patterns of disconnection and restlessness in his life. He now uses the fruits of that journey to help others. That is not to say that his journey is at an end! John is constantly adding to his experiences to increase the potency of what he can offer to his clients.


From his earliest days, John has been fascinated with ancient cultures, matched with a constant curiosity to learn how things work. These same qualities motivate his work in hypnosis and QHHT.

Nothing delights John more than having a client come out of a session saying “It all makes so much sense now!”, and having a deeply felt sense of purpose and excitement to launch into the next stage of their journey.